Come The Spring

Seven For A Secret EP

Written by: PP on 17/08/2013 03:12:42

Out of the shores of Brighton, UK, we have another band turning their heads towards the 90s rock music scene called Come The Spring. Blending together straight up alternative rock, grunge, and a bit of emo/punk, their new EP "Seven For A Secret" is a grower type of record consisting mostly of subtle alternative rock melodies that build up slowly into explosions of impassioned semi-screams, shouts, and all that. Sounds familiar? That's because Samiam made a living doing this not just on "Trips" two years ago, but also on their late 90s material where they went for the anthemic, alternative-rock based, albeit still punk fueled expression.

Much of the same can be found on this record, where a song like "Northern Star" will recall 90s alternative rock as much as it does Hot Water Music style punk rock, all the while connecting the dots to early 90s grunge rock in the process. Then you have songs that are straight up alternative rock like "Patching The Cracks Doesn't Make It Foolproof", a cleaner track that's almost certainly inspired by the second Sharks album "No Gods". "Readbeforeyouwatch", one of the album highlights, then should bring to mind Texas Is The Reason, so basically you have your genre cocktail ready and set to go right there.

What's better is that the record doesn't seem the slightest bit confused about its identity. It's not a mish-mash of genres as much as it is a record that's a product of its influences. The elements are seamlessly blended together into a convincing and memorable look back at the best musical styles of the 90s. Yes, the record has that nostalgia vibe throughout, but yet it doesn't feel date at all in that sense. A very solid and promising record to build on.

Download: Northern Star, Readbeforeyouwatch, Statues
For the fans of: Samiam, Sharks, Texas Is The Reason
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Release date 25.03.2013
Engineer Records

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