Avenged Sevenfold

City of Evil

Written by: KS on 24/06/2005 13:05:38

I really loved Avenged Sevenfold's latest release 'Waking The Fallen' and I had quite high expectations for this album called 'City of Evil' - although I kind of knew that it would be different from the previous. After the first listen I was quite disappointed because I felt like it needed more screaming. It was almost too melodic. After a few more listens though, it really grew on me. They are certainly still the kings of the genre which combines punk with hardcore and metal. Complex guitar with a lot of soli from the 2 guitarists 'Synyster Gates' and 'Zachy Vengeance', great vocalwork from 'M. Shadows' who has quite a wide vocalrange, he can do anything if he wants to, and a solid drum and bass performance from accordingly 'TheRev' and 'Johnny Christ'. I couldn't help mentioning their names, because that's what I find very funny about them. It's just so cheesy. Even their album art is amazingly cheesy and has a lot of irony behind it. To sum it all up I must say that this album is nowhere near their previous effort but it is indeed a good album, though I somehow would have loved more screaming but that's not how it was supposed to be.


Download: Blinded in Chains
For the fans of: Devildriver, Metallica

Release date 7.6.2005
Warner Bros. Records

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