Fragile Figures

Written by: LF on 12/08/2013 17:52:42

Post-hardcore/metalcore band Secrets has released its sophomore album and just like the debut "The Ascent", it has been produced in the recognizable style of Tom Denney (ex-A Day To Remember). The highlights of the debut were the great clean vocals and catchy melodies from singer/guitarist Richard Rogers and on "Fragile Figures" he gets more space than before, but apart from this the sound of the album is not far off from the debut.

Still, a few changes have been made. Most importantly Secrets have got themselves a new man on unclean vocals by the name of Aaron Melzer, who has the quality of actually growling slightly more often than he scene-core-screams, which fits the general song-structures well. What annoyed me about "The Ascent" was that the melodic parts with Rogers' punk rock vocals and the mosh-inducing metalcore breakdowns didn't seem to connect. It sounded more like different songs interrupting each other the whole time, than like songs that really integrated the two styles. There's a much better flow on "Fragile Figures" and a good energy in the songs from the changes in pace and heaviness. While the one-chord breakdowns have not been left behind this album is generally more melodic than its predecessor, with different guitar riffs often playing over the breakdowns, which helps to make the generic metalcore moments a little less boring. As mentioned Richard Rogers' fantastic cleans are way more dominant on this album and they are also even better than on the debut. His melodies are as catchy as ever for instance on the chorus of "Maybe Next May".

With this being said most of the songs on this album blend together in my mind and it's difficult to tell them from each other because they are so similar in sound and structure. Only the album closer "Sleep Well, Darling", which is a semi-acoustic heartbreak-song that really shows off Rogers' abilities, stands out from the others and in general the memorable bits of the album are just Rogers' catchy melodies especially on "Live Together, Die Alone" and "Infinite Escape". The musicianship still has a long way to go and this is well demonstrated by a track like "Artist vs. Who?" which also includes the most uninspiring breakdown of the album.

In conclusion, Secrets have chosen wisely to play very much to the strengths of Rogers while also showcasing better musicianship than on the debut, but still it's not enough for this band to really stand out.

Download: Maybe Next May; Infite Escape; Sleep Well, Darling; Live Together; Die Alone
For The Fans Of: Blessthefall; Attack Attack!; Woe, Is Me

Release Date 23.07.2013
Velocity/Rise Records

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