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Rich Freedom Flavour

Written by: PP on 12/04/2007 17:49:45

Listening to the debut album "Rich Freedom Flavour" by A Kid Hereafter, the band of the Danish songwriter Frederik Thaae, is like taking a trip down memory lane to your childhood when lego bricks and toy cars were your most important assets in the whole world. Frederik's playful indie rock mixed with elements of pop punk, danceable electro rock and ska creates this exact effect, but it helps of course to have a child-like voice like his.

There's a sense of youthful innocence throughout the disc as well, and every song is in effect paying tribute to a different genre. "Never Too Late" is a pop punkish arrangement with its speedy guitars and catchy choruses, whereas "Superficial Star" is a classic indie ballad with acoustic guitar and soothing vocal work in the vein of Wheatus' material from the "Teenage Dirtbag" era. "Seven Days Later" has a ska-beat and silly lyrics not much unlike the Danish horn-oriented ska-punkers from Ramjet. All these different styles are played in a tongue-in-cheek manner, constantly triggering thoughts that A Kid Hereafter isn't a serious project, but rather a time-passer for Frederik, and like the lyrics for "Play Drums" imply: "Some kids wanna be president I just wanna play drums".

Frederik takes extensive use of drum/electronic samples across the record to create an illusion of experimentation. This is especially evident in the reggae piece "Reggae Dreamgirl" and even more so on the seriously odd "Long Distance Runaround", which makes me think I'm on ecstacy every time I hear it. Some of the material on the album indeed is so experimental it's impressive for an indie rock band, but as a balancing factor there are plenty of radio-friendly songs where choruses are catchy - so much that you'll be humming the melody all day long after a few listening sessions.

However, the album starts to fall apart towards the end. The tunes just aren't as catchy as before, and sound slightly forced. Maybe it's the constant atmosphere that you're listening to a three year old experimenting with his brand new Toys R Us instruments that makes me say this, but personally I enjoyed the weird overtones and eccentric singing style of "Hollywood Conspiracy" more than the pseudo-rocky riffs of "Nasty Thoughts". Perhaps towards the end of the record Frederik tries to mix one too many style into the genre-cocktail, but in any case the last part of the album is left into the shadow after the strong beginning.

This may be slightly out of my field of reviews, but I found myself enjoying A Kid Hereafter's guiltless honest indie rock even though most of the time you'll find my head nodding to a metal riff. There's no doubt in my mind that A Kid Hereafter is one of the most interesting Danish projects for a while, so check them out while they haven't blown up yet.


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For the fans of: Wheatus, Sparks, Veto
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Release date 29.01.2007

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