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Fear Inside Our Bones

Written by: LF on 08/08/2013 20:30:56

The Almost, led by ex-Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie, is perhaps best known for its debut album which was mostly a solo effort with Gillespie playing practically everything himself. They then became a full band with the sophomore album "Monster Monster" and now the third record is out. On it the band refines its sound and also joins the wave of musicians who are striving for a more authentic or "real" rock sound. On "Fear Inside Our Bones" everything has been recorded together in a single room and thus the album has a very live quality about it.

Gillespie's vocals are more interesting on this album than on "Monster Monster" and this is heard already on opener "Ghost" which also underscores the new musical direction of the band right from the beginning. The quality of the vocals no doubt has to do with this change in sound as the album has a real blues rock feel most of the time which suits Gillespie very well. The title track "Fear Inside Our Bones" has a fine contrast between silent almost psychedelic parts and more straight rock while there are also some country influences to be heard, especially on the banging "I'm Down" which sports a banjo-like guitar riff.

The "real" rock sound of the album is well complimented by generally hopeful and life-praising lyrics - a combination that makes for a real summery album that surrounds you with optimistic energy. The nostalgic middle track "Florida Sun" slows down the pace for a few minutes before the most explosive song on the album "Fight Song" kicks off the second half. However the songs that follow sound to me like a recycling of the creative ideas of the first half of the album as there are melodies and riffs everywhere which are exactly the same as on previous songs. This is a shame as it's not like the first half is a lot stronger than the second but because of the similarities I keep expecting the choruses of previous songs and have a hard time taking any specific liking to the second half as it keeps letting me down in that respect. The last track, "Lonely Boy", is an exception from this repeatable sound which is understandable as it is a (good) cover of a classic Andrew Gold song from 1977.

So all in all "Fear Inside Our Bones" is a solid album which takes the band members in a new bluesy direction which suits them well. Though not breathtakingly magnificent there are some great songs on this record that'll have you hum along as you enjoy them in the sun.

Download: Fear Inside Our Bones, I'm Down, Ghost, Florida Sun, Lonely Boy
For The Fans Of: Foo Fighters, The Parlor Mob, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Release Date 11.06.2013
Tooth & Nail Records

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