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Belgrade is a dreamy indie rock band out of Philadelphia, whose lineup includes current and former members of Restorations, Ma Jolie and many other bands from the same region. They've sometimes been referred to as 'vintage indie', a label that makes sense when listening to their self-titled album. Elements of nostalgia and 90s style indie/alternative are embedded into a soundscape that's floats like a feather, yet has subtle undertones of pop music hidden underneath the contemplative mood surrounding the whole record.

On paper that sounds good, and on record it does, too. Their vocalist sings with a soft voice, while the guitars are faded behind layers of smokey ambiance to create that nostalgia feel I just mentioned before. The melodies are relatively straightforward, yet carry a subdued depth thanks to their introspective nature and the inherent somberness of the whole soundscape. It's a cool effect that few bands are able to achieve, yet I find myself weeks and weeks into this release without remembering how the record sounds like exactly only a few handful of minutes after stopping a listening session. There's a simple reason why that happens: this is music to sleep to. Not in the sense that it's boring, just that the vibe and mood that the record carries is so damn sleepy, calm, and relaxed, to the extent that it's easy to pop on this record while lying on a hammock somewhere in tropical south having a mandatory afternoon nap.

Now, there's the inherent problem with Belgrade. While the music sounds excellent with a good pair of headphones, with multiple layers of their expression resonating pleasantly in your ears with reach detail and all, it fails to create a connection to its listener - or at least to this listener. I'm all for dreamy indie rock - but Belgrade need to find a way to make their songs stick.

Download: Projection, Consolation, Shot And A Pill, Truth Serum
For the fans of: Jealous Sound, Nada Surf, Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate
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Release date 16.04.2013

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