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Better Days

Written by: PP on 03/08/2013 15:43:34

So if you're like me, you believe firmly that Fall Out Boy got slightly worse on every release since "Take This To Your Grave", and became essentially completely irrelevant on "Folie A Deux" and beyond. Fear not, there are plenty of bands looking to fill that void, one of those being Run For It from Harleysville, PA, whose latest EP "Better Days" is basically a throwback to TTTYG and "From Under The Cork Tree"-era Fall Out Boy sound.

To start off with, their vocalist sounds impeccably like Patrick Stump did on the latter album with his high pitch clean delivery that's basically the essential symbol of summery pop punk out there. Second, their guitars are nice and crunchy, delivering the classic early 2000s pop punk sound the way it was meant to be played. Third, their songs, like "Avenues", are predictably catchy, as is the case with pretty much all pop punk out there. Occasionally the band wanders off to The Swellers style emotionally charged alt rock meets pop punk sound as well, for instance on "Drag You In". Both styles work fine for the band, even if they are playing a sound you've probably heard a hundred times before.

Clean and polished, catchy and fun, Run For It present a packaged pop punk sound that's ready for the radio stations and the summer tours across the country. At only four tracks it's difficult to judge if the band have what it takes to go big, but this is a good start nonetheless. As I said earlier, if you're missing old Fall Out Boy, grab this disc for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane.


Download: Avenues
For the fans of: early Fall Out Boy, We Still Dream, All Time Low, The Swellers
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Release date 29.10.2012
Painted ox Records

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