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Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic

Written by: BV on 31/07/2013 19:46:49

Copenhagen based The Wands are floating around the waters of neo-psych where bands like Tame Impala, Golden Animals and many others seem to be making huge waves at the moment. As the blossoming psych-scenes around the world seem to gain momentum, the Copenhagen scene in particular is blooming at a pace that I’m finding it hard to keep up with – hence the very delayed review of The Wands' debut EP “Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic”.

This particular brand of ‘neo-psych’ that The Wands are currently exploring is at its most magnificent on tracks like the pop-esque drone track “No One Around”. The lightly cascading guitar sounds and the simplistic, yet enthralling drumbeat keeps me, as a listener, on my toes for the inevitable development that is to come, as the vocals croon away like the trip will only become better, the more the voice reaches a certain level of falsetto. With what seems to be a slightly pop-oriented hook in the midst of acidic sounds, “No One Around” is perhaps one of the more explorative tracks on the EP, whilst retaining a somewhat familiar and approachable soundscape.

“The Door” however is far less acidic and highly approachable for the unseasoned listeners, as the slightly catchy riff constantly blends in with the sitar-drone lurking in the background. Lyrically speaking though, “The Door” retains a certain aura of cliché that I don’t find particularly suiting, nor appealing when faced directly with it. With the standardized references to mind-expansion and such I’m feeling that this, this particular part of The Wands, is the defining negative aspect to an otherwise simplistic and somewhat innovative approach to a well-traveled genre.

As I round off this review, I am faced with the fact that The Wands are skilled crafters of psych-sounds but they do seem to lack a certain lyrical finesse. Not that it seems unattainable to them at all, as I think the only thing that really stands in their way is experience. Next time around, it’ll probably be a whole lot better and I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Download: The Door, No One Around, Spell My Name
For The Fans Of: Golden Animals, Tame Impala, Halasan Bazar

Release Date 03.11.2012
Fuzz Club Records

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