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Skeleton Flowers

Written by: BV on 31/07/2013 19:32:26

Founded in 2007, Aarhus based six-piece Tales of Murder and Dust have recently released their third effort, the “Skeleton Flowers” EP in order to follow up on the relative success of their debut full length “Hallucination of Beauty” from 2012. Tales of Murder and Dust seemingly blend various inspirations, ranging from shoe-gaze through post-punk and effectively nailing itself down on the increasingly popular area of neo-psych – an area that I certainly seem to think is growing at an incredible rate these days.

As the opening track “Tremblin’” slowly entices the listener in a roomy and crunchy soundscape, the post-punk influences are becoming increasingly evident as I hear certain sounds that are quite similar to the super-hyped Shiny Darkly, as well as some early Joy Division in a slightly updated format. The psych is abundant as well though, as the repetitive guitar figure rings with a certain reverb-drenched grace that really isn’t hard to create, but devastatingly difficult to perfect in a tight and crowded band mix. The alluring tremolo guitar in the middle section also appeals greatly to the over-excited psych head inside me, leaving me to admit that this particular track is already quite stuck in my mind.

“In Apathy” rings with a somewhat psych-pop-esque sound in its up-tempo format, leaving me in the slightly awkward situation that I feel like dancing to it – and I’m not even drunk? These are odd times, indeed. The sheer catchiness of the song probably derives from the easily recognizable guitar figure and the frantic drumming – both of which tend to leave quite bombastic impressions that are not easily dismissed. Nor is the final track of the EP, “Like Young Gentle Beasts”, albeit this particular beast strays far away from the pop-like sounds of its predecessor. The influence of drones can easily be heard on “Like Young Gentle Beasts” as the track mainly relies on the drive of a repetitive bass groove, some infectious drum-fills and gloriously feedback-laden guitar riffs that tangle and intertwine on top of these alluring grooves. Clocking in at just about eight minutes, “Like Young Gentle Beasts” is without a doubt the longest track on the EP, but it also contains some of the most interesting melody parts to be found on here – which in turn justifies the length of the track.

Tales of Murder and Dust have, to my ears, become vastly more interesting with this EP and they do seem to be moving in a fascinating direction, blending unusual drones with simplistic post-punk. I’m definitely becoming a fan and I’m hoping they will continue exploring new sounds in this particular direction on their next release.

Download: Like Young Gentle Beasts, In Apathy, Tremblin’
For The Fans Of: The Woken Trees, The Wands, Spökraket
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Release Date 06.06.2013
Across The Floor Records

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