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Magnificent Disorder

Written by: MN on 31/07/2013 16:42:01

Awake For Days are an Italian metal band hailing from the large island of Sardinia. A completely fresh metal project, the band was recently formed back in January 2013, and their first effort "Magnificent Disorder" is soon to be released. This album, that initially had me yawning but eventually grew on me, sounds like a promising and progressive endeavour. It's good solid metal from the Italian island dwellers, where they succesfully conjure up a sound with new-age thrashy undertones leaning towards both Soulfly and Deftones, and the punchy riffage of nu-metal that has great headbanging potential. Knowing of only two other metal bands from Italy, namely Lacuna Coil and Stormlord, my degree of expertise of the boot nation's metal scene is limited, thus I ventured in to the world of Awake for Days with novice but curious eyes.

The first song on the album, entitled "Hatred" is an aggressive assault of ultra heavy guitar sounds reminiscent of Korn, a gloomy vocal line during the verses and commendable clean vocals during the chorus, and like many of their song's "Hatred" has a refreshing progressive edge, the build up of which makes the experience of Awake For Days anything but boring. Unfortunately, the opening number is followed by a rather lukewarm track in the form of "All I Need" which is a tad predictable, but still garners mediocre credits because of the brutal and excellently produced drum work. "Unsaved" continues in a similar vein, but has a thunderous interplay between the drum beats and the down-tuned growls of the guitar, ending as one of the heaviest songs and sporting a decent guitar solo.

"Nothing to Regret" starts of as menacing as any other Awake For Days track, but has a chorus with serious pop-appeal. It is very melodious and ear clinging, yet in my opinion seems out of place and unnecessary, but luckily the quartet allows for some lenghty instrumental passages. I was close to shunning this album as an easily forgettable/gathering-dust-on-ones-shelf-type-of-album, but thankfully their final track "Magnificent Disorder" immediately sent me to replay it. This closing track starts of sounding reminiscent of the layered soundscape ever so mastered by the recent Chino Moreno/ISIS' project Palms. As the psychedelia is allowed to settle, their signature heavy tone accelerates to full throttle and remains in constant evolution, a very good track. Despite not being newcomers to the metal scene, this first effort was perhaps partially rushed as I missed a bit of consistency in the effort, but the parts that are good, are simply delectable! Look forward to seeing how their sound will morph in their next accomplishments.

Download: Hatred, Magnificent Disorder
For The Fans Of: Korn, Soulfly, Drowning Pool

Release Date Fall 2013

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