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Elway caught my attention two years ago with their debut album "Delusions", which was a seamless mixture between alternative rock in the vein of Eve 6 and mid-tempo melodic punk rock. Not much has changed then for "Leavetaking". The Eve 6 reference still stands: had they been a punk band, they'd probably be releasing records like this one instead of "Speak In Code", most of all because the Elway vocalist resembles Max Collins almost note-by-note in places. But so does the melodicore element, where bands like The Swellers and No Use For A Name first pop into mind.

That is, until songs like "Prophetstown" and "Someday, Sea Wolf", where vocalist Tim Browne opts for a slightly gruffer and edgier style, and the rest of the band ups the tempo a notch. Suddenly we are in The Flatliners territory, so much so we're almost in danger of imitation on a few occasions. You might even be reminded of The Lawrence Arms momentarily. That's good. When the band has this sort of character, they impress the listener, not least because the songs feel that much more catchy with the added identity. On the other hand, when they opt for a cleaner and more polished style, they sound like every other Midwestern punk band with clean production. Hooks don't stick as well, and the vocals feel a little bit too bland at times.

Luckily, this is not as large of a problem as I make it seem. The majority of songs on "Leavetaking" are catchy mid tempo melodic punk rock, even if they aren't eyebrow raisers by any standards. This is the genre played by the book with solid melodies, nothing more, nothing less.


Download: Christopher; Ariel; Salton Sea; Prophetstown; Someday, Sea Wolf
For the fans of: The Swellers, No Use For A Name, The Flatliners, The Lawrence Arms
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Release date 25.06.2013
Red Scare Industries

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