A Perfect Mess

Written by: PP on 12/04/2007 14:16:27

Sweden's Maryslim could be a hell of a lot bigger by now had they chosen a different name for their band. To me, a name like Maryslim is fitting for an obscure grind/death metal band that was lucky getting signed in the first place, which is presumably why this band hasn't blown up to the proportions one would expect based on the radio-friendly rock anthems on their third album "A Perfect Mess".

Far from being metal at all, Maryslim mixes together pseudo-heavy riffs reminiscent of Foo Fighters and undeniably catchy radio rock choruses that will circulate in your mind for the immediate future after listening to them only once or twice. It's all clean vocals and easily recognizable choruses supported by what is mostly three chord riffage and drumming that's mostly on the background and used as merely a supplement to the melodies.

But nevertheless the songs are enjoyable alternative rock, varying from one end of the genre to another. "In Too Deep" emits an almost pop punkish vibe through its bright three chord melodies and uplifting choruses much like "Part Of Me", whereas "High Wings" has more hard rock traits than anything else due to its 80s vibe and a rowdy chorus.

"A Perfect Mess" balances itself between these two styles with one common denominator: infectious choruses. It requires no effort getting into, making it perhaps the most ideal candidate for MTV Europe's next band to blow up into galactic proportions. That's not to say they don't deserve it, because even though you have bands like Backyard Babies at the tip of your tongue, you can't quite place Maryslim to sound precisely like someone else though their influences aren't exactly hidden in their sound. They've mastered the art of writing catchy songs, and sometimes that's all that matters - well fitting for the early summer!


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For the fans of: Backyard Babies, The 69 Eyes, Foo Fighters
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Release date 26.03.2007
Wild Kingdom
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