The Weeds

Roots/Routes EP

Written by: PP on 25/07/2013 22:50:35

The Weeds are an original emo band from Boston, featuring ex-members of Transit and Late Nite Wars among other bands. They play a sparkling style of emo/alternative rock in the vein of the 90s greats, drawing from Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate just as much as they recall the more modern incarnations of the genre in Transit and Everyone Everywhere. And like so many bands these days, they have a female/male vocal dynamic with duties split evenly between fragile female singing and calm male vocals, which normally adds more flavor to a record, but in this case, it doesn't do very much to the EP overall.

"Roots/Routes" EP consists of 6 songs that basically fall within standard fare of the rather saturated revivalist original emo scene. Within just the last three or four years, bands like The Weeds have been springing out everywhere across the US, with most of them sounding more or less exactly alike to each other. Typically, the relaxed and calm melodies draw in any fans of Deep Elm's 90s output very effectively, but in this case, The Weeds' melodies are rather bland and forgettable. The slow pace, the introspective vibe, the soft vocals... none of this creates a very lasting effect. It's as if the emotional outpour is missing the same punch as Braid or Everyone Everywhere on their recent records.

Don't get me wrong, though. "Roots/Routes" is by no means a bad record, but neither is it a great one. It's a collection of decent songs in the genre, which are all characterized by the feeling that you've heard these very tracks played before and better elsewhere.


Download: Attention
For the fans of: Transit, Braid, The Get Up Kids, Everyone Everywhere
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Release date 06.03.2013
Cat Skull Records

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