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Written by: PP on 25/07/2013 21:45:01

So I take it most of you are familiar with The Copyrights, one of the leading no-frills pop punk bands who have released five full lengths to date, and are often considered to be the pioneers of this particular niche within punk rock. Like most of their colleagues in Teenage Bottlerocket, The Dopamines, et al, they have released a ton of splits and EPs on top of their studio albums as well. "Shit's Fucked" is a 24-track compilation of rare tracks from splits, singles, and compilations that The Copyrights participated on between 2004 and 2010, many of which are out-of-print or extremely difficult to come by today. So essentially a gift for their completist fans and other collectors of straight up, no-bullshit punk rock records.

Older fans of The Copyrights will surely have heard gems like "Let's Get The Fuck Out Of Here", "Button Smasher" and "I'd Probably Die Or Something" before either live or on record, but there are a lot of acoustic renditions, as well as extremely rare and difficult to come-by tracks on this record as well. Newer fans will appreciate the collection of modern pop punk classics scattered across the record, which can basically be boiled down to its essence by calling it exactly what it is: 24 tracks of upbeat and anthemic straight up pop punk tracks, the vast majority of which are clocking in under two minutes in playtime. The amount of songs The Copyrights can write with a chorus that consists of essentially repeating the same lyric over and over again while still keeping things insanely catchy is staggering, however, so is the amount of duds and tracks that pass by without making much of an impression. But that's something you just have to accept when you're dealing with a 24-track record; not every single song can be a timeless classic.

Bright riffs, catchy vocals, and simplistic instrumentation galore, "Shit's Fucked" is truly a celebration of the utter simplicity and at the same time the genius behind The Copyrights songs. While its artistic value might not be particularly high, judging it based on that criteria is missing the point: The Copyrights write music that's meant to be danced and sung along to in sweaty basement style venues where everyone's drinking beers and having the time o their lives.

Download: Let's Get The Fuck Out Of Here, Grown Folks Business, I'd Probably Die Or Something, Button Smasher
For the fans of: The Dopamines, The Hextalls, Teenage Bottlerocket
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Release date 27.05.2013
It's Alive Records

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