UFO Blues Tapes

Written by: BV on 18/07/2013 03:01:26

And so the time has come again for yet another release from Levitation Records; this time even a quite daring one. 3AM is the DIY no-fi solo project of Chino Burga who might be best known for his work in La IrA de Dios where he is the guitar player and vocalist. Following in those footsteps, Burga recorded all the instruments for this album by himself – he therefore plays guitar, sings and constructs drum loops for the songs.

On “UFO Blues Tapes” the soundscape has been cut back to the bare minimum (hence, DIY ‘no-fi’). Ergo the music primarily consists of drum loops, tremolo guitar, drones and hazy vocals – a combination that oddly enough serves as a refreshing break from the multilayered and ‘well’-produced albums one has steadily grown accustomed to. On the opening track “Can’t Stand”, the listener is essentially given a drone piece that presents the general outline of what’s to come; howling feedback, odd loops, droning and vocals that just barely reach the minimum requirements of audibility. Its fuzzy riffing and repetitive sounds are clearly not suited for everyone, but underneath the vast wall of fuzz and tremolo there is a certain songwriting magic to the simplicity of it all – it’s easy to get, yet not the way you would think and for such a minimalist soundscape, there sure seems to be quite a lot of stuff to take notice of.

As we reach “People of the Dusk” this is becoming increasingly evident as the simplistic chord progression comes across as strikingly recognizable. Not in the sense that it’s droned on for so long that it has become imprinted on one’s memory – rather the case where the chord progression itself contains a recognizable hook, the stuff a hit is essentially made of. While “People of the Dusk” would quite possibly never become a top 10 hit on any mainstream billboard, it certainly does seem to hold some kind of bizarre hit-potential in the minds of psych-heads like myself.

As we drone on, we will eventually stumble upon the piece called “Sonic”. Whilst this track is most definitely one of the most repetitive ones on the album, I can’t help but notice that it just might also contain some of Chino Burga’s finest guitar work on “UFO Blues Tapes”. As the drone continues the track is essentially reduced to a backdrop of sound that serves only the purpose of supporting an intense guitar solo that contains both wah-wah squeals, epic fuzz tones and mind-bending tremolo.

While 3AM will most likely remain an unidentified object to the general public, I’m quite certain that this album will probably please the more seasoned psych-heads and fans of drone pieces in general, though effectively deterring people with a taste for more accessible music than you would probably find in the endless drones of this South American piece of tremolo and fuzz.

Download: Can’t Stand, People of the Dusk, The Calling
For The Fans Of: La IrA de Dios, Los Entierros, Moon Duo
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Release Date 16.08.2013
Levitation Records

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