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Wakin On A Pretty Daze

Written by: HES on 17/07/2013 12:48:44

Kurt Vile is a guy from Philadelphia whom many have heard of but fewer has ever really listened to. He played Roskilde Festival 2011, creating a huge buzz, but I never really got around to see the show in spite of this. So I was happy to get the chance to spend some time with him - musically - when he released "Wakin On A Pretty Daze" which is his 5th solo studio album.

"Wakin On A Pretty Daze" is a very slow record. None of the tracks are the standard 3½ minutes and songs really intertwine and leave without you having the feeling of any break in the continuum. The mood is elevated, but very unimpressed, laid-back and ambient. The primary component of most of the songs like "Goldtone" is a steady, slow guitar playing the same chords over and over again as Vile mumbles his wisdom on top of the whole ensamble. "Goldtone" also features a female back up singer, which is great for breaking up an otherwise very low soundscape. In many ways this album is both soothing and meditative - There's a beautiful positive vibe about most of the songs and you sense the joy in the sometimes never-ending jam-like parts.

What makes this album absolutely amazing is at the same time what makes it faceless and very non-challenging. Nothing on this album has an edge, a skew or anything provocative or otherwise emotive. I would best describe it as a great album that got stoned. It couldn't get up off the sofa and actually become something amazing, so Vile sticks to the slumber of the sofa and never really surprises or impresses. I'm not saying I don't like this album. I genuinely love the mood it sets for an entire room, fills it with sunshine and a lazy feeling - but I feel myself getting dragged into the state of mind of the record - not caring. Or at least, because the album is also so toothless you end up drifting somewhere else than where the music was. Now I listen to music because music can be amazing in the punch-you-in-the-face kind of way and not for an ambient backdrop. This might be a very subjective way of measuring whether music is good or not, but I need more than what Kurt Vile is presenting me with here - more excitement, feeling or provocation, and hence this album never really peaks for me.


Download: Wakin On A Pretty Daze, Goldtone
For The Fans Of: Tame Impala, Pavement, Woods

Release date 09.04.2013

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