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Scrapbook EP

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Following the recipe of Mixtapes are we, eh? The Winter Passing from Ireland are a quintet consisting of two singers just like Mixtapes. One female, who is extremely enthusiastic in her delivery most of the time, and one male, whose delivery is slightly more awkward and restrained. This ain't pop punk though, and instead The Winter Passing explore the sparkling soundscapes of 90s original emo, although punk undertones do exist in their sound.

"Scrapbook" EP consists of four songs where female vocals are juxtaposed against male vocals, which creates a great dynamic that fits just perfect for the super-emo lyrical landscape that we're dealing with. Album highlight "Crooks" has the following to say about life's existence, for example:

"It's always raining / even in the summer times / all our hopes and dreams they washed down the drain [...] just waiting / for something to happen / while the jukebox plays all the saddest songs / I took a look around the room / and realized I've got nothing left in common / with anyone except a Tipperary accent."

Yeah, super emo, right? That said, it's a great song that's instantly catchy, and it's followed by another one in the form of "Feels Like", which starts with powerful female shouts of "Yeah, this feels like foreeeveeeeer", before the awkward male vocals alternate to "I'm so tired of being here all by myself". The songs all deal with sadness in one way or another (thinking The Wonder Years may have been a lyrical influence), but because of the vocal dynamic and the way the lines are delivered, they sound kind of quirky and oddly catchy, perhaps more so than original emo bands usually. It contains only four songs so the record's over almost before it even got started, but they are all excellent, so here's to hoping for a full length with more of the same.

Download: Crooks, Feels Like
For the fans of: slow songs by Mixtapes, Everyone Everywhere, Lemuria, The Wonder Years
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Release date 08.03.2013
View From The Attic / Struggletown / Something New Records

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