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Written by: PP on 14/07/2013 19:42:47

Usually the demo releases that we receive are garage recordings of songs that should've been worked on for a couple of years more before they were recorded or released to the public. Not so with Aleutia from San Francisco, whose 2013 demo is thoroughly impressive, not least because of how it combines the sounds of two very influential and two very different bands together.

So if at this stage I reveal that Aleutia sound like the bastard child of Polar Bear Club on "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" and Propagandhi on "Potemkin City Limits", does your mouth start watering yet? Because that's about the most accurate way to describe their sound. Instrumentally, we are in the Propagandhi and Antillectual territory, which is about as far removed from three chord punk as you can be without disconnecting yourself completely from the punk band label. The unpredictable angular riffs of Polar Bear Club bear a role as well, but this parallel can most be heard in the vocalist, who has a little bit of Jimmy Stadt's emotionally drenched and unclean delivery in him.

Basically, the four tracks present a depth-laden punk rock cocktail that's not explicitly explosive, but simmering just underneath the surface is one bombastic dynamic that's as subtle as it is rewarding to the listener. On first listen it may confuse the listener because the instrumentation is so varied and well-written from the songwriter's perspective, but repeated listens prove there's a ridiculous amount of depth and intelligence found within the music here. The songwriting is nothing short of brilliant at times, which are strong words that can only mean this is one of the most impressive demos that has ever landed on's review desk. Sneak a peek before Aleutia explode out with a debut album as formidable as Polar Bear Club in 2008.


Download: Holes, No Sleep, Downpour
For the fans of: Propagandhi, Antillectual, Polar Bear Club
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 04.01.2013

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