Sustainable Dream

Written by: PP on 14/07/2013 19:40:53

From metalcore into Danish bluesy singer-songwriter we go. Here I present you Jørck, whose retrospective blues on "Sustainable Dream" is exactly the kind of material that has been bursting out of every door and window as of late in Denmark. The key difference being that Jørck is fronted by a girl, who has a particularly soulful voice, which is placed on natural spotlight thanks to its all-encompassing, pervasive nature in recorded output. The instrumentation is understandably minimalistic to help form a Marilyn Monroe style image around the singer, which results in the whole album having a distinct film noir vibe throughout. Think Sin City soundtrack and you're about there.

Nothing wrong with that because boy this girl can sing. I'm not usually a fan of female vocalists but Jørck is one hell of a singer, pulling off the showgirl vibe effortlessly and with pure conviction. Whether it's to the tune of classical piano ("Parades") or groovy acoustic guitar ("All This Beauty"), her varied and masterful control of her pipes is impressive throughout the record - it really sounds like she time travelled from 1920s to sing on this album and this album only. Here, credit must be given where credit is due, because the instrumentation fits perfectly with her hypnotizing blues wails that leave most if not all of her male counterparts far behind. She has charisma, an identity, and her voice is overwhelmingly sexy, which is enough to make any guy's legs wobbly as she wraps her fingers around the guys with that silk glove hand of hers.

Okay, let's not get carried away with the imagery, but you get the point. This is very much a vocalist's album, where rest of the instrumentation has been given a minimalistic mood-setting job rather than the lead like most other bands. It's a risky bet which pays off massively on "Sustainable Dream", that presents Jørck as one of the most talented singers Denmark has seen, even if the material is otherwise not exactly as 'rock' as the material we usually cover.


Download: Still Wanting More, Fear Your Heart, Parades
For the fans of: Cat Power, Mazzy Star, female fronted singer/songwriter
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Release date 03.12.2012

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