Breaking Tradition

Written by: PP on 12/07/2013 20:35:36

What happens when you fuse the melodicore of No Use For A Name together with the melodic hardcore/punk of Rise Against as well as a healthy dose of Bad Religion influence? All kinds of awesome, apparently, as Resistors from New York set to prove on their new album "Breaking Tradition". It's a fast-paced, tight punk rock record that dabbles a fine line between skate punk, melodic punk, straight up punk rock, occasionally diving in one style more than the other.

Let's start with the guitars. Most of the time, they are a mix between the melodic lines of NUFAN, the skate punk of Pennywise, and the timeless Bad Religion riffs. Occasionally a little too much of the latter as "Illusion And Tradition" demonstrates by being an identical clone of "No Control" both in terms of the vocal rhythm as well as the riffs themselves. Probably unintentional, but you can tell these guys have been listening to a ton of Bad Religion in their youth. Unpolished and raw, yet still melodic and with a purpose, they provide the melodic backing for the halfway screamed vocals, which bring in the Rise Against influence. The vocalist obviously isn't as good as Tim McIlrath, but he sure can write a chorus as the aforementioned song so affluently showcases, not to mention the catchy material on "In Pieces", "Throwaway" and many others.

"26th Street" sounds a bit like Sick Of It All during their punk years thanks to the hard-edged vocal work, but more importantly, naming yet another band in the context of this review says something: Resistors mix together a whole lot of different styles of punk, and they do it well enough without sounding identical to any one band rather than sounding like a product of their influences. Catchy punk rock with rough edges - it's so difficult to write bad songs playing this style. It's just too melodic and catchy - as is the case with "Breaking Tradition".

Download: Throwaway, I Guess That This Punk Thing Caught On, In Pieces
For the fans of: No Use For A Name, Rise Against, Bad Religion, Pennywise
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Release date 19.02.2013

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