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Pardon My French

Written by: PP on 12/07/2013 01:03:23

Everyone's favorite pop-metalcore darlings Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are at it again doing their best "Homesick" era A Day To Remember impression on their sophomore album "Pardon My French". Perhaps the title is an allusion to their Parisian origin and an apology to cloning ADTR's sound almost to the letter, or perhaps not. "Haters Gonna Hate", as one of the highlight tracks goes.

In any case, "Pardon My French" seamlessly combines together elements of pop hardcore, pop punk, and metalcore - what some call 'easycore'. Where many bands attempting to do the same thing sound like they're copy/pasting various elements together hoping for a coherent result, here Chunk! have created a fusion sound that'll make you bounce to its crunchy guitars, mosh to its aggressive metalcore riffs, and sing along to its catchy vocal passages, not to even mention the many gang-shouted cuts that'll have you fist-pumping in the best hardcore manner. There's a playful, even youthful energy contrasting a more serious songwriting effort, as well as the muscular production by Joey Sturgis that gives the album a much more metalcore punch on especially the down-tuned parts and percussion in comparison to their debut album.

A song like "Between Your Lines" has an insanely catchy clean vocal chorus and verse, all the while harsh screams and growls are present as a contrasting element in the mix. You're constantly reminded that you're not listening to a pop punk release, but then again you're not listening to a metalcore one either. It's pretty cool, catchy as fuck, and somehow avoids sounding gimmicky in the process. As long as you come in expecting ADTR version two - occasionally in a better and catchier version, you're good.

Download: Restart, Haters Gonna Hate, Between Your Lines, I Am Nothing Like You
For the fans of: A Day To Remember, Me Vs Hero, Can't Bear This Party,
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Release date 30.04.2013
Fearless Records

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