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Written by: PP on 09/07/2013 23:20:42

Any of you guys remember the excellent RVIVR release earlier this year? The one that sounded like a turbocharged version of Japandroids, who likewise play a style of music so vivid and enthusiastic it sounds like it's splurging out in 3D out of your stereo and/or your headphones.

Well, meet RVIVR part two: Low Culture from New Mexico. Their debut album "Screens" was actually released a couple of months earlier than RVIVR's, but it smells equally of the same lovely Japandroids/Superchunk/Hüsker Dü worship in terms of inspiration to pick up an instrument and just play until your heart tells you to stop. For these guys, that essentially means non-stop punk songs with a garage twist to them that range around the two-minute mark for the most part. "I Feel Your Ghost" is cheerfully bright in its chorus, and the quirky distortion in "Touchy Feely" is oddly catchy in its vivid tempo and vibrant garage punk vibes.

Imagine if The Thermals played breakneck speed with nuances from Titus Andronicus and others like them? That's basically exactly the definition of Low Culture. Rough, unpolished and with a twist of hardcore embedded, this is how it sounds like when you play with passion and raw urgency. Needs to be heard by far more people.


Download: I Feel Your Ghost, Touchy Feely, Modern World, Magical Thinking
For the fans of: RVIVR, The Thermals, Japandroids, Titus Andronicus
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Release date 01.01.2013
Dirtnap Records

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