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No One Wins

Written by: PP on 09/07/2013 22:47:59

After a little over a month's absence from album reviews due to a packed live review schedule, I'll restart my activity with Multiple Truths' "No One Wins", an aggression-driven, rebellious punk rock album that the press release claims is possibly the best album in the genre this year. Those are some mighty big words for a debut release by this Chicago bunch, and unfortunately they've already been outclassed big time by Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio's brilliant efforts, not to even mention sublime releases by Streetlight Manifesto, Off With Their Heads, and countless other bigger names this year.

So yeah, the class is a tough one this year, and although no one can deny that the hardcore-fueled pissed off yell of the band's female vocalist contains a great deal of original punk rock anger and spirit in it, unfortunately it's difficult to give her much more praise than that. Monotonous and one-dimensional, her non-stop howls have few (if any) memorable melodies; the rest of the band plays standard fare punk rock with a couple of good bass licks and treble-charged riffs here and there. Sure, the band practically explode out of their amps and microphones, but it almost feels like they forgot normal songwriting procedure in their desire to shout, scream, and breakneck pace through the record's songs.

In the end, "No One Wins" is a generic punk/hardcore fusion type of record, which is difficult to write more about than this because most of the songs are so similar, and other than the fact that they have a female vocalist screaming with more passion than most of her male counterparts, I can't say I remember much from this album even after weeks of listening.

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Release date 14.03.2013
Halo Of Flies

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