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Martonic EP

Written by: DR on 08/07/2013 13:00:35

Grey Storia can be traced back to the autumn of 2009 when guitarist Paul Gemignani and drummer Daniel Hogans started jamming together, and have been ever since. It wasn't until 2012, however, that they started to record, mix and master some of the instrumental material they had written, putting it together to form their first official release as a band: the "Martonic" EP.

Despite "Martonic" being the height of their development so far, it's an incredibly raw release - perhaps the most raw post-rock record I have ever heard, in terms of production and technical quality. It attempts to draw from various post-rock and instrumental sources, from the typical Explosions in the Sky worship, to heavier bands such as If These Trees Could Talk and And So I Watch You From Afar, but Grey Storia seldom execute any amalgamation of these influences with any conviction. "Requiem", for instance, begins with a delicate rhythmic build up and soon breaks into thunderous heavy riffage, but neither the build nor the release are captivating. "Escape" begins promisingly with nicely textured guitar and string sections, but again the crescendo is a let down - the heavier riffs feel hollow, weak and ultimately lacking any power.

That's the story of EP overall, unfortunately. There are decent moments throughout, exclusively in their haunting and spacious ascensions, but the crescendos are so dramatically and consistently lacking any punch that they don't demand your attention, meaning there's little reward for listening to "Martonic". The production doesn't help in this respect; the songs generally sound okay in the build ups, but whenever Grey Storia try to push their sound into more aggressive territory it's as if this was recorded in a bedroom. In the end, despite the glimpses of potential, "Martonic" is an EP poorly recorded, uninspiring and underdeveloped.


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Release Date 04.02.2013
14 Tower Records

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