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Kama Loka

Written by: BV on 24/06/2013 18:22:08

Kama Loka is a collaborative project consisting of Danish and Swedish musicians that was founded with the intention of recording an album in the legendary Silence Studio in Sweden. Recorded in a single weekend, the album spans lyrical tales of fantasy, folklore and mystery as well as intricate instrumental passages that are overtly suitable for this folk-laden psychedelic piece.

The album opener “Skovsøen” is a marvelous folk pearl that is strangely enthralling in the sense that the simplistic drumming and the haunting melody lines of the violin tends to lure the listener in to a state of utter focus. Whilst Morten Aron is definitely not a highly proficient singer, his voice still holds quite a bit of charm to it and makes for quite the excellent listen. The soundscape is strangely minimalistic yet rings with a resounding grace – never giving off the impression that something is missing, rather giving off the impression that it’s just about right. Everything seems perfectly balanced.

On the B-side of the album, the mythical tales have been replaced by two incredibly long and thrilling instrumental tracks that serve as the perfect counterpart for the lyrically centered A-side. On the track “Gånglåt Till Floalt” the focus is most definitely on the more folk-esque aspects of the sound – yet the mightily psychedelic edge never really abandons the soundscape, which provides the long passages with both a sense of renewal and a hint of originality. The constant melodic theme reminds me quite a bit of something that could easily be played at a medieval reenactment festival and thus gives off a quite impressive vibe. There is a sort of epic capacity to it that renders the need for vocals moot as the expressive melody says all there is to say - and then some. As the jamming kicks in and the fuzzy guitar solos find their way through the soundscape, the psychedelic edge goes rampant and soon all hints of medieval melodies are forfeit in the face of these utterly powerful sounds; organ solos, cowbells, fuzz guitar and ingenious drum-figures. – This is what makes this track so utterly mind-blowing.

However, whilst the two instrumental tracks are incredibly interesting there is a small part of me that yearns for more tracks like “Skovsøen”, “Øjesten” and “Trold I Bakke”. It could be my inner literature fanatic, but I’ve found myself yearning for these lyrical excursions that seem to fascinate me to no end. It’s no secret that I have an innate fondness for both Swedish and Danish lyricism and prose which probably contributes to my yearning for more lyric driven tracks. Nonetheless, this release from Kama Loka is one I have come to treasure greatly in my ever-expanding music collection.

Download: Gånglåt Till Floalt, Øjesten, Skovsøen
For The Fans Of: Spids Nøgenhat, Anders Stub, Dragontears
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Release Date 31.01.2013
Kommun 2

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