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Fool Metal Jack

Written by: BV on 23/06/2013 23:46:02

Now, nearly half a century has actually passed since tropic/psychedelic rockers Os Mutantes burst onto the scene with their quite obscure and, by now, mythical debut release. Now, the near half century later, Os Mutantes is led by a single original member with the singular objective of remaining significant in the new millennium. But do they pull it off on “Fool Metal Jack”? Let’s find out, shall we?

Unfortunately it becomes quite clear one song in, that any person looking for some swinging psychedelia-infused Tropicana grooves will have to look a long way to find them – that is, further than this album can take them. With album opener “The Dream Is Gone” the mildly intriguing groove is haunted by a lackluster vocal performance and, indeed, a song structure that just isn’t of the same legendary status as Os Mutantes’ previous efforts. – leading me to believe that, not only is the dream gone, the will to really make something that matters might be as well.

As the album progresses into “Time and Space”, a delightfully acoustic piece, some of Os Mutantes’ prior proficiency seems to return as the lyrical themes are alluring and the soundscape is as minimalistic as it is enthralling. The peculiar sound effects, the haunting choir and the beautiful vocal harmonies on the track are prime examples of what the strengths of Os Mutantes’ really are, which leaves me wondering why the album as a whole cohesive unit couldn’t have been as good as this particular track.

With “Into Limbo” I am placed in a state of ambivalence so dire that I, at the time of writing this review, still can’t rightfully convey my particular aversions and attractions of this track. The simplicity of “Time and Space” is obviously carried on in this track and the rotating organ sounds are right up my alley, make no mistake there. However, despite having many of the elements that made “Space and Time” interesting, “Into Limbo” ironically becomes what the song title refers to; a state of limbo wherein I find it hard to decide on liking it or not, as it seems like a repetition of prior tracks in a not so fresh version, as the album is nearing its inevitable end.

In summary, “Fool Metal Jack” wasn’t quite the joyous revisit I had imagined it to be, and this night does indeed seem to be the night of disappointments in relation to ‘comeback’ albums. Indeed, Os Mutantes’ are always a joy to listen to, but when they’re essentially producing the same tropical sounds each and every time, each of them dwindling in originality, one does seem to become rather fed up with them. I might get into this album again sometime, but it is really not a re-breakthrough for Os Mutantes, sadly.

Download: Time and Space, Ganja Man, Into Limbo
For The Fans Of: Dean Allen Foyd, The Beatles (the psychedelic albums), Syd Barrett, Santana
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Release Date 30.04.2013

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