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Ready To Die

Written by: BV on 23/06/2013 22:02:31

Iggy & the Stooges have a long and interesting history of violence, self-destructive behavior and substance abuse – in other words they’ve lived the epitome of rock n roll’s maniacal backside. So why then, or rather how, can The Stooges still be relevant in 2013 and what justifies yet another comeback album after the less than fantastic “The Weirdness” from 2007 and the quite peculiar “Preliminaries” from 2009. Well, with the untimely passing of guitarist Ron Asheton one would most definitely be tempted to say that they aren’t really relevant at all anymore. In spite of this, the jolly good maniacs give it a go with “Ready To Die”.

When first examining this album one tends to remark the odd mixture of absolutely raw (yet contained) power on half of the tracks and the predominantly testamentary acoustic ballads on the other half of the tracks which gives the album an odd feel of ‘showing that they’ve still got it’ and yet serves as a form of final goodbye – as implied in song titles like “Unfriendly World”, “Ready to Die” and “The Departed”. “Unfriendly World” is perhaps one of the oddest pieces of acoustic music I’ve ever listened to, whilst expecting a flurry of riffs and a demeanor resembling that of a band of 16 year olds experiencing their first major alcoholic buzz. Instead I am ‘treated’ to an almost country-reminiscent track with vocals that are as mumbled as they are misplaced; this is clearly not the best musical territory for Mr. Iggy Pop.

Yet, then we’re treated to a track like “Sex and Money”, an obvious attempt at recapturing some of that lost edge that seemed to not only define the band, but also define an era of sound literally derivative of The Stooges. So whilst the crunching snarl of the guitar and raw vocals provide a solid foundation for a solid rocker, I’m still looking for a bit of that classic Stooges sound – but clearly I’m expecting far too much and, indeed, way more than can be delivered here.

With closing track “The Departed” I’m feeling tragically bummed out and, well, unusually melancholic when thinking that I’ve been listening to The Stooges. The god damn Stooges, well-known for gnarly sounds, raw power and exuberant behavior. I’d definitely say that if you’re looking for The Stooges, you’re most definitely looking in the wrong place. Whilst some tracks on this album are interesting, I’d have to deem it slightly above mediocre. Both due to their legacy and their seemingly half-assed attempt at regaining their former glory; trading in their edge for pop-sensibility in the process.

Download: Sex and Money, Burn, Dirty Deal
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Release Date 30.04.2013

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