Little Drops Of Wops

Written by: AZ on 22/06/2013 19:21:15

Heavy beats, funky bass, smashing riffs and a voice that once heard can never be mistaken. This is how I would describe the culprits for the following review. They are a quartet coming from Sofia, Bulgaria focused on bringing their crazy hip-hop/metal mix to the masses. I give you W.O.P.S. and their debut – the “Little Drops of Wops” EP. For those of you that seek a band to associate these boys to, I would suggest resting your case with Limp Bizkit. I am sure that you will agree with me that the resemblance between both bands is not enough to classify what kind of creature the quartet from Sofia is. However, one can easily sense the “don't care” attitude that the band carries towards musical stereotypes from the title of their release as well as from the lyrics of vocalist Nikola Kolev. This attitude rests on the solid sound and “grooviness” pouring throughout each one of the EP's six songs.

Like most of the records I have reviewed recently, this one starts off by directly dropping the listener into the mix of things. Don't be fooled by Kostadin Mutafchiev's smooth, jazzy bass and the intro of “Wicked Sound” - before you know it you'll be banging your head hard under Emil Todorov's wicked guitar riffage. While he pumps up the swift beats of drummer Kristian Georgiev with his wah-wah, Nikola spits fast-paced rhymes leaving no place for cover.

“D'Boy” is a song that demonstrates what crafty guitar work and versatile drums can achieve. It bears the band's main characteristic – pouring fast infectious grooves in your face. The positive energy that spans from beginning all the way to the end of the release will get many people jumping and crowd surfing at live shows. A compliment to the work of Kristian's great drumming is in order here as he complements the band's work by adding some positive aggression from behind the kit that will surely wake up every crowd. My favorite track from this pack is “Stuck”, though. The song has a certain Wes Borland echo-airy feel added to the verse. This creates the perfect circumstances for Nikola to preach a friendly “and don't forget to smile!” while the horns are flashed high.

If you care about musical mash-ups there is no denying you will be definitely hearing more from W.O.P.S. in the future. The band has already started making a label with their own sound especially with vocalist Nikola in the mix. This definitely deserves respect seeing as the band will soon celebrate its third year of existence. So go check their page and enjoy their full EP in the player below!

Download: Wicked Sound, Empty Heads, Stuck
For The Fans Of: Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine
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Release Date 27.04.2013

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