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All The Time In The World

Written by: AZ on 22/06/2013 17:22:03

"Catchy, anthemic, and full of killer hooks" is the first text I find on Last Transmission's facebook page concerning their debut EP. I find this to be a fair description as the release – entitled “All The Time In The World” - brings a fresh look on what 80's rock is all about. I am talking about the combination of great vocalist, memorable riffs and awesome guitar solos. Just think of the voice of the ageless Jon Bon Jovi, add some riff heaviness a la Alter Bridge to the sound and five tracks with cool arrangements – you got yourself a debut that opens doors to big stages and crowds.

The opener “All You Left Behind” gets the listener acquainted with the “anthemic” part of the bands sound. As you will discover after going through the EP, the English quartet achieves this by leaving their frontman alone in the spotlight. This is for a reason, of course, as I must say that the voice of vocalist/guitarist Michael Blackwell is what really separates Last Transmission from any other band. The small nuances as well as the overall sound he commands are definitely the result of a lot of vocal work and rehearsals. The crafty riff of the chorus and openness of the verse, courtesy of Richard Davies(guitar), Adam Foster(drums) and Danny Piston(bass/vocals), lays the perfect foundation for the above mentioned spotlight.

The follow up is “Anything to Anyone” a mid-paced hard rock track that should be a fan favorite with its loud and catchy chorus. I must admit even though the vocal line is great, that it does bear some resemblance with Jon Bon Jovi's work. That and the jumpy pop-punk guitar riff would definitely get every crowd going. “Mess You Make” is another song worth noting mainly because of its interesting Oriental sound. Its backbone is the intro riff that takes different forms and shapes but could be heard throughout the whole song.

On the down side, after having heard the record a good number of times, I begin to see a repetitive pattern that is kind of annoying. All the songs start with a catchy (or at least an effort to sound so) intro, leading into a quieter, more laid back chorus with a picky palm-muted guitar. This sooner or later ends up in the aforementioned “anthemic” sounding chorus. I'm not saying that the formula is bad. I'm saying that in a release with more songs the band should experiment a bit so that they do not end up sounding boring after the fifth track.

“All The Time In The World” is a solid step towards a full-length album. All the necessary ingredients are there. The experience the band needs, they will get from touring. So kick back and enjoy Last Transmission's effort.


Download: Anything to Anyone, Mess You Make
For The Fans Of: Bon Jovi, Alter Bridge, Incubus
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Release Date 17.06.2013


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