New Killer Shoes

I Ain't Even Lyin'

Written by: AZ on 16/06/2013 14:41:01

Are you ready to have a good time? Are you ready to dance the night away? Do you feel like sweating them new clothes? If yes, then all you need to do is put on the “New Killer Shoes”. It's that simple!

What comes next is a true rock'n'roll monster. ”I Ain't Even Lyin'” is the best debut I have heard in years. It pretty much sets the standards for both the band's follow-up records as well as other bands competing in the genre. It achieves that with great tunes, honest fan-like approach to music and lyrics that talk to young people everywhere – lyrics about parties, relationships and growing up. The best quality of the record is that it sounds so mature. The arrangements are top notch and the energy of a live show is 100% there! Definitely something that the four guys from Birmingham can be proud of. As a group they seem to have achieved a great understanding of how to squeeze the maximum out of their instruments and do that with undoubted intensity and feeling. The result is a funky musical trip through all the pubs in Birmingham that goes until late in the night. Every song is a new experience that the girls and booze bring along. Hangover included, of course!

As much as I like the album there are several songs that I find to be most special in the record. “Crooks” for one, is a rebellious anthem of a young person that wants to party 24/7. Jon Kings(vocals/guitars), Ryan Kings(bass/backing vocals), Ben Smith(guitar/backing vocals), Ricky-Lee Cooper(drums) manage to bring the right attitude that portrays a boy that is annoyed by the things others have to say. “Snake Charmer” is the perfect soundtrack to a gangster movie. I can see the guys put some costumes on, doing a car chase scene on a dusty highway, saving a damsel in distress. The next song on the album is supposedly the guys' favorite since it addresses the way we behave to get laid. Simple rock'n'roll honesty sang on top of guitar riffs with big balls – this is “Throwing Shapes”.

My favorite track on the record is “Let's Go Disco”. A total radio hit without doubt, it poses all the necessary characteristics — being catchy and fun. Truth is even after two months of listening, I cannot get it out of my head. Infectious with its grooves and pure rockabilly sound, the song eases all the listeners into the first, second, etc. drinks of the night. According to the song the night is a long one. Basically a non-stop party of dancing, drinking – rocking out.

“New Killer Shoes” is a gem amongst the endless tides of musical crap that flood our heads daily. You are totally missing out if you skip it. 'nuff said!


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For The Fans Of: Future Monarchs, Fuzzy Vox
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Release Date 22.04.2013
Gospel Oak Records

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