Eager Teeth

Eager Teeth

Written by: AZ on 16/06/2013 13:35:53

A bit of punk, a bit of modern rock'n'roll, a bit of mainstream vibe – if this mix sounds appealing to your ear then you will definitely dig what Eager Teeth are up to. The British quartet puts out their self-titled debut with the attempt to bond their favorite genres and give them a new look. It is polished, yet messy and fresh.

The title of the opener is “Mary Rosed”. It stars all the infectious grooves that persist through the release. The song swiftly changes its tempo and style, displaying creativity and emotion – a sign that definitely raises the expectation for something cool to come up next. What follows is one of my favorite tracks on this record. “Baby I Don't Want to Know” is a fast-paced “all over the place” punk song. The drum work on this song is awesome through and through – keeping your feet moving without time for pauses. This is just the right base for the smashing guitar riffs to kick ass. The cool, dreamy culmination of the song bursts out in a wild scream that gives an edge to the style Eager Teeth create for themselves.

A song that I payed special attention to is “Constant Entertainment”. With a psychedelic intro and crafty main guitar riff the songs turns out to be quite a rock out. Showing off with great guitar action, the track manages to calm the album a bit. It introduces an alternative rock airiness that seems to approach every listener up close, privately.

Great ideas and musical devotion seem to be the main highlights in the release. Although the vocal work may be questioned for its accuracy it serves its purpose well. The overall sound of the whole album is good and would definitely be nice to hear being blasted loud on huge speakers. I would surely look forward to hearing the gang vocals and cool guitar tunes that are scattered everywhere in the album.

Full of emotion and cool tunes the self-titled debut by Eager Teeth is a fresh experience that will definitely make you bang your head, sing along to the catchy choruses or jump up and down like crazy.

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For The Fans Of: Hey Vanity, Turbogeist
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Release Date 18.03.2013

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