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Out Of The Darkness

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Out of the darkness and into the spotlight,” would be a pertinent and apt description of Sacred Mother Tongue’s prominent arrival at the forefront of the heavy rock scene. A four piece, formed in 2008 and hailing from Northampton, the band has been frequently compared with the likes of Metallica and Alter Bridge. Following a recent lineup change, with new bassist Craig Dawes due to debut at the band’s Download set, where they will open the main stage on the Sunday, these are exciting times for Sacred Mother Tongue, (“SMT”). Having been saluted by UK publication, Metal Hammer, as "The most convincing young British Metal band to emerge in a long time," expectations for “Out Of The Darkness” have been high. Despite only recently gaining more widespread publicity, SMT have enjoyed success in the UK with their debut single "Two Thousand Eight Hundred," having reached number four on the UK Rock Charts. “Out Of The Darkness” is the band’s fourth album to date, with stand out single tracks "Evolve/Become" and “A Light Will Shine."

Despite SMT having a distinctive raw heavy rock sound of their own, it arguably understandable why some say there is a resemblance between their music and the riffs of Metallica, or the vocal style of Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy. However, whilst these inferences can be drawn, they are stylistic rather than literal. It would be a disservice to suggest anything other than that these similarities work in a unique way, to create energetic riffs and passionate vocals.

Opening track, “Demons,” does indeed start with a spirited intro which wouldn’t sound out of place amongst Metallica’s tracks, however, Darrin South’s animated and at times soulful vocals give it an edge which is completely its own. The fast riffs provide a truly unrivalled and fiery energy. “Bird In Hand” is another incredibly catchy track, with more speedy riffs, showcasing South’s diversity of vocal range. Whilst perhaps somewhat reminiscent at times of Alter Bridge’s earlier works, this is a standout track entirely in its own right, the sleazy guitar solo adding a truly dynamic edge. The furiously fast riffs and vocals continue throughout “Seven”, toning down, into a more poignant yet angst ridden sound for the chorus of “Pawn,” with Andy James’ guitar playing exhibited in true style throughout. One of the two single releases, “A Light Will Shine,” contains incredibly fast and dynamic riffs. South’s vocals have been stepped up and exude the same style of anthemic quality as tracks such as Alter Bridge’s “Ties That Bind”. In similar fashion, SMT’s single builds up to a climax, in epic fashion, to a memorable and sorrowful chorus, punctuated throughout with impressive and catchy riffs. James‘ guitars throughout “Just A Ride” emanate the same sort of energy and substantial riffs one could expect to find amongst pre-"Black Album" Metallica, however, yet again, SMT make the sound their own.

The other single, “Evolve/Become” is arguably the strongest track on the release. With a charismatic and compelling sound, this was an inevitable single choice. South’s vocals are at their most intense and lively, animated and forceful. At times, the track could even be considered an instructional tutorial on how to create an epic and elevated quality; however, it is ultimately the intangible quality of the song’s vehemence, which provides this. Culminating with “Believe”, the album is brought to a close on a melancholy and soulful note, with a depth of tone, which is reflected in the echoing vocals.

One of the most appealing things about “Out Of The Darkness” is that there is a complete absence of filler or waffle. Standout track after standout track, it’s rare to find an album where one finds it a significant struggle to pick a favourite. It would be most accurate to say that in recent times, Sacred Mother Tongue have been catapulted ”Out Of The Darkness” and have ”Evolve(d)/Become”.


Download: Evolve/Become, Demons, A Light Will Shine
For The Fans Of: Alter Bridge, Metallica

Release Date 15.03.2013

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