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Imagine you heard a version of Daylight or Basement that was similarly dreamy, but slightly toned down on the ridiculous amounts of depth and introspection those bands pack in their music. Imagine a version, which instead of the complex punk-inspired emotional landscape of Title Fight, sourced its inspiration from the smooth, yet intellectual indie rock of Mae and Copeland, and met somewhere right in the middle?

That band is Turnover, whose debut album "Magnolia" fits that description to the letter. Perhaps the best example of what I'm talking about is "Wither", which is a track with a high tempo that recalls the faster Daylight songs, has a bit of Title Fight sound on it as well (from "Shed" era), but then slows down into calming indie rock moments after, while also packaging a catchy chorus into the mix. It's dreamy, but not fluffy or floaty like Daylight, instead recalling Mae's "Destination: Beautiful" and Copeland's "Eat, Sleep Repeat". But then again "Hollow" and "To The Bottom" might just well be cuts off "Jar" given their dreamy and brooding vibe, though Turnover never push to be a heavy band per se in the same way.

It's this variation between the catchy indie rock and the more introspective depth-laden stuff that makes "Magnolia" an interesting album. It's not as hard-hitting as "Jar", but just like many an album we've heard toying with this toned down emotional hardcore meets indie rock sound lately, it impresses from first listen through its inherent depth and ability convey emotion to the listener through such a laid back and withdrawn sound. Solid record that suffers mainly from stark contrast of the masterpiece level material released by their direct competition in the last 12 months.

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Release date 04.02.2013
Run For Cover Records

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