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Bite The Bullet EP

Written by: BV on 07/06/2013 20:14:14

Bite The Bullet – yet another band that has risen from the ashes of the long gone but not entirely forgotten Highway Child. Whereas former vocalist of Highway Child, Patrick Lykke Heinsøe, went on to push the boundaries of the psychedelic garageblues with Shivas Nat, Paw Eriksen (guitar) and Christian Norup (bass) went on to a stripped down rock n’ roll approach where the riff is in focus and the fuzz is abundant. – This project was named Bite The Bullet and their first self-titled EP is what this particular review will be about.

With the powerful album opener “I Feel Love” as well as the following track “Hit the Ground” the listener is immediately treated to a fuzz-bass that boogies with such a confidence that it’s quite hard to resist. As the heavily reverb-drenched guitar enters the soundscape there is really no question about it – this is a rock album for all intents and purposes.

With the immensely powerful “I Will Not Die” which I have already experienced and been overwhelmed by in the live setting we’re also treated to some deliciously rowdy, as well as tender, vocals provided by Thomas Storgaard Christiansen. On “I Will Not Die” Paw Eriksen’s reputation for over-saturated but alluring guitar solos is re-established as not only a fact, but also a force to be reckoned with – the many gigs with Highway Child were definitely not in vain. The rhythm work on the album is incredibly tight and can easily be accredited to the powerful bass-playing of Christian Norup where his fuzzy grooves can easily be mistaken for a down-tuned guitar as well as a bass at the same time – that’s just how much he dominates the soundscape.

It’s been a good year for the former dudes of Highway Child this year and to be bold, it might actually have been the best they did in a long time when Highway Child called it quits, because that particular decision has paved the way for two new forces to be reckoned with; Shivas Nat and Bite The Bullet. I’m quite sure this is only the beginning for Bite The Bullet and they’ll soon make a name for themselves – I’ll be tracking them closely, that’s for sure.


Download: Space Drums, I Will Not Die, Hit The Ground
For The Fans Of: Highway Child, Humble Pie, Free Fall

Release Date 23.04.2013
Bilocation Records

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