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First Time Won't Kill You

Written by: BV on 07/06/2013 20:07:56

Silver 6, the first band to be released on the newly started Drone Recordings (the bar called Drone’s record label) and yet another band I have been told to check out by my always trustworthy vinyl-dealer. What makes these guys so special then? Well, their blend of psych, shoegaze and noise-rock – which they have aptly dubbed noise-gospel, to be exact. Whilst they do not take many chances on their release, “First Time Won’t Kill You”, they do manage to create alluring soundscapes with interesting passages that have managed to control my full attention for well over 10 spins of the album so far. Let’s explore why that is:

As the album slowly kicks off with “Are We Lovers”, the band’s love for synth-sounds and revolving soundscapes becomes obvious from the start. However, as the noise-rock intro fades out a psyched out pop-song emerges from the depths that explores just about the most explored theme ever; love. The allure of this can easily be accredited to the sounds alone; wailing guitars, bombastic bass-sounds, echoing vocals and droning synths. But what really makes it special is their fondness for this particular soundscape even though they seem persistent on maintaining rather short tracks – so it’s accessible, but psyched out? An interesting thought to say the least.

As we approach the track “See Right Through Me” the droning continues with a swirling, simplistic guitar riff while some ominous synth-sounds drone away in the background. On this particular track I am often reminded of The Cure due to the slightly metallic effects on the guitar, and the lazy-sounding, almost melancholic vocals. granted, the connotation fades a little as the tempo of the track rises but I still think this is what makes Silver 6 so interesting – the mix of 60’s psych, 70’s prog, 80’s noise-rock and shoegaze as well as the ever contemporary themes of love that dominate the lyrical perspective of Silver 6.

As I might have let slip by now, Silver 6 are certainly an interesting listen and a good first signing for Drone Recordings due to their accessible nature that still doesn’t compromise entirely with the ‘values’ of the psych-spectrum of music. I’ll probably revisit this album again and I look forward to having the opportunity to include some of these tracks in one of my future DJ-sets. - Solid album and a great first effort.


Download: Are We Lovers, Dreamy Dream, Can’t Get You Out
For The Fans Of: The Road to Suicide, The Cure, Spacemen 3

Release Date 27.05.13
Drone Recordings

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