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Written by: BV on 05/06/2013 20:50:11

2013 has proven to be the year wherein noise-rock will make a comeback of sorts. So it would seem at least, with the comeback release of My Bloody Valentine and as of late, the debut release by the Danish Copenhagen-based garage/noise-rock duo The Beardy Durfs. Following in the lo-fi DIY spirit of buying used/smashed equipment and modifying the hell out of it for completely new and raw sounds, the duo has proven to be a force to be reckoned with as their noisy approach to rock music will inevitably gain a certain amount of positive reception in the noise-rock scene (however small that might seem at the moment).

Oddly enough however, as the album opens with “Blue Meanies” (leading my mind instantaneously towards The Beatles) you don’t really get the impression of a band trying to destroy your ears with a full-on, brutal sonic onslaught. Actually the sound is much more post-rock oriented until it actually turns towards the inevitably noisy climax of sorts. As the album progresses into “Lunch Box” however, the brutality is imminent as the wall of thunderous fuzz-sounds overwhelms the listener instantly – leaving no doubt in mind that now, now the time has come for things to get rowdy. As the soundscape roars away an unmistakably undecipherable vocal seems to chant its way through the walls of sound, providing us with a hint of melody, so as the listener never really loses touch of that particular concept.

Obviously, as I could have imagined, the noisy parts of the album seem to be where these two particular bearded gentlemen seem the most at home. The noise is, believe it or not, carefully sculpted and is so powerfully executed that, at times, I feel awfully sorry for any and all neighboring rehearsal rooms as they obviously don’t stand a chance at breaking through these walls of sound.

However powerful the noise may be though, there are still negative aspects to this album. An example of such could easily be accessibility. Yes, noise-rock is awesome and yes, The Beardy Durfs can create noise. I get it. However, many of these tracks tend to be rather demanding to listen to, creating an overshadowing risk of scaring away many listeners that might otherwise find the sounds on it quite interesting. I’m not saying one should compromise the entire sound, but an album has never really taken any serious harm by having one or two easily accessible tracks – even the seasoned listeners would probably agree with me on that. Nonetheless, this is a great first effort from a band I’m quite sure I’ll have to catch in a live setting at some point.

Download: Blue Meanies, Lunch Box, Astral Vain
For The Fans Of: My Bloody Valentine, Sunn O))), Sonic Youth

Release Date 22.04.2013
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