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Written by: BV on 05/06/2013 20:47:23

KornuCopia is the one-man project of multi-instrumentalist Raw Bynn who has opted to play all the instruments on this release by himself. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, KornuCopia doesn’t seem to have established a solid reputation yet, and because of this it hasn’t been easy to find information on the project at large. Nonetheless, this is an album review so I might as well focus on the music on this five track EP that is aptly titled “Five”.

On the track “Expose” I am picking up the unmistakable vibe of revivalist-grunge with the boogieing bass-lines, the powerful drumming and the vocal work that reminds me quite a large bit of Kurt Cobain. It’s not all revivalist-grunge however, as the soundscape tends to be a bit more mellow as well as experimental with the inclusion of some phased out quiet parts. Nonetheless the classic quite verse/loud chorus structure is spray-painted all over the soundscape and leaves little-to-no surprise in that particular area.

With the track “Align” KornuCopia takes on a more mellow approach with some nicely ringing neo-folk soundscapes brimming with strumming guitars and easy-going vocals that, while still reminding me of Kurt Cobain, take on a more relaxed attitude which, in turn, leaves room for a more personal voice to shine through. “Align” is probably the only of the five tracks I would describe as a diamond in the rough as I think it could be a sort of hit-material, given enough time, work and luck. – Even though I don’t really think that KornuCopia is striving towards international pop-superstardom.

In essence, this EP shows off a relative amount of promise on five short tracks. It’s a solid beginning and it is clearly a smart move to release an EP as this project still needs some work to reach the ‘final’ stage of identity wherein the songs have been perfected and the identity of the project has been established as largely independent whilst still inspired by others. All in all a good first effort from KornuCopia.

Download: Align, Expose, Penetrate
For The Fans Of: Nirvana, Pixies, John Amadon
Listen: facebook.com

Release Date 05.05.2013

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