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Written by: AZ on 27/05/2013 22:34:18

Consumed and spat out with a pumping heart! This is how I feel writing these words. So much raw power, so much aggression. Devastating 'in your face' metal music! All these are signs of an honest transformation of thoughts into music. Yes, it may be a bit risky to raise the expectations of the broad audience that Rockfreaks has by such an introduction. Still I am willing to take my chances knowing that Age of Woe are backing me up with what I would definitely consider one of my 2013 favorites.

Here it comes – like a swarm of locusts blackening the day into perpetual night. It is the heavyweight contender entitled "Inhumanform". A name that describes the transformation of music into a demonic chant and musicians into blood-seeking creatures. These creatures a trio coming from Göteborg, Sweden. The vicious melodies that emerge from within their hands – these corpse-eating cannibals – they leave nothing behind.

If wars had soundtracks then "Like Embers" will definitely be a track on that thing. It tenses the listener with a caustic high-pitched echoing guitar line and than smacks him/her in the face. Slowly gaining momentum, step by step, guitar duo Martin Brzezinski and Gonzo Incognito allow for the titan to step in. That's right, the heaviest matter of the universe is formed when Sonny Stark opens his mouth and releases the dark energy. That same dark energy that forms deep inside his black heart will soon spread throughout the galaxy commanding all evil forces alike. This madness ends with fancy ear-deafening feedback – a bold way to distinguish the end of one track from another.

The release follows the steady line of devastation. Never giving in to a static overall feeling – always bringing that dynamics of a live performance. I am talking about that pump up feeling when the blast beats are going full speed with a fast-paced double bass. Something like the image portrayed in my head when I listen to "Red Eyes". It is havoc that reigns supreme when that gut chugging heavy distorted riff starts eating away you brain.

Remember, this non-stop brain damage is called "Inhumanform". It marks the formation of a massive monster that will soon (hopefully) be the fan base of Age of Woe. The 'beings' that were molded in the darkness. They who devour rays of light and heavy merciless metal music.

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For The Fans Of: Entombed, Converge, Early Sepultura
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Release Date 31.05.2013
Give Praise Records

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