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It's been eleven long years since we last heard the magnificent voice of Brett Anderson on a Suede album, and even longer since we heard him sing on what is considered a genre masterpiece. For those of you who can't remember, Suede was formed in 1989 and basically spent the 90s releasing one radio hit after another, essentially pioneering the genre known today as 'Brit rock' together with other UK visionaries like Blur, Oasis and Manic Street Preachers among others. Who can forget "Beautiful Ones" or "She's In fashion" among so many others, which are today considered staples of 90s alternative rock, classic songs that have outlived their decade into a timeless state, largely thanks to the impeccable delivery of Anderson. You think bands like Kings of Leon or The Killers overseas, let alone Arctic Monkeys or other indie-flavored Britpop bands of 2000s would've existed if it weren't for Suede and their contemporaries releasing these songs in the 90s?

"Bloodsports", their sixth studio album, has been received exceptionally well by critics and fans alike, and it's again Anderson that guides the band's echoing stadium rock with his powerful pipes that combine the best features of dreamy and introspective styles together with the power and charismatic persona of the classic 90s rock star vocalist. The whole expression is applied through a 90s alternative rock filter, where especially the instrumentation sounds larger-than-life without adopting unnecessary polish on the production side. This preserves the soulful and heartfelt delivery of Anderson on the vocals, but also allows the guitars to add layers of depth and complexity far beyond the ability of your standard fare British rock band. You need but take a look at "Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away" for a song that even Muse would be proud of calling their own. It's ambitious, it sounds huge, yet it is almost balladic in its soft and quaint soundscape. No theatrics and other studio tricks needed here, just superb songwriting through and through.

"Hit Me", "Barriers", and "It Starts And Ends With You" are all examples of Suede songwriting at its best, which is why people have been calling "Bloodsports" their best album since their 1996 classic "Coming Up". From what I'm hearing on this record, I'm inclined to strongly agree; 90s rock doesn't come this genuine and sublime too often anymore. "Bloodsports" is a delightful refresher of alternative rock's golden era of the 90s - an example of a timeless sound that doesn't sound dated even a decade and a half past its heyday.

Download: Barriers, Hit Me, Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away
For the fans of: Blur, Oasis, Manic Street Preachers, The Verve
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Release date 18.03.2013
Warner Music

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