Toxic Holocaust

From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction

Written by: EW on 20/05/2013 22:43:34

Compiling tracks from a few of the numerous EPs and splits across their bulky discography, "From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction" is a compilation of 22 Toxic Holocaust tracks showcasing the spirited devotion of mainman Joel Grind to the Slayer-infused thrash template but at the same time outlining the reason for Toxic's mid-level position on the table of 21st Century thrash. Compositionally limited and unremarkable in ability (when compared to many of the bigger thrash acts that is) Toxic Holocaust at least possess a sense of urgency and passion that makes "From the Ashes..." one for the collectors only for 2008's "An Overdose of Death…" would be a better place to start.

As ever with multi-release compilations the production and mix can vary from track to track. The first four here are direct and in-your-face with a buzzsawing guitar sound sitting above Joel's blackened vocal style in a similar vein to Chance Garnette and Skeletonwitch. The influence of Slayer and Venom is readily apparent as the no-holds barred riff attack is blackened and forceful in nature before a selection of punky, Discharge-bred tracks around "Thrashing Death" herald the onset of some crudely recorded tracks. The echoing vocals in particular are a mess as they swamp over the guitars without adding any sort of coherence although naturally some acceptance need be made for the low budget of these recordings.

As the album continues the tempo is a barely changing constant - "Army of One" is but one purveyor of the band's willingness to thrash through most songs sub-two minutes without credence being given to mix up the structures drastically. Unlike many modern thrash bands who come (or should I say came) across too polite in their attitude, Toxic Holocaust at least feel as if they would push old grannies in front of the bus rather than help them cross the road, but while this admirable-in-the-context approach offers an endearing element to the seasoned thrasher, the twenty-two songs of "From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction" appear too much the work of a nascent band in early rehearsals even for a compilation release for it to have any serious blood-pumping effect.


Download: Created to Kill, Death Camp, Army of One
For The Fans Of: Slayer, Skeletonwitch, Blood Tsunami
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Release date: 31.03.2013
Relapse Records

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