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Power & Volume

Written by: BV on 16/05/2013 20:36:02

Free Fall follows the proud Scandinavian tradition of revitalizing the rowdy rock n’ roll of the 70’s – the type of rock music where the riffing is plentiful and the general vibe screams for more alcohol to serve as fuel for the continuous desire to riff. Much like their contemporaries in Graveyard, Witchcraft, Dean Allen Foyd and the like, Free Fall favors an organic and simplistic soundscape with nothing more to it than vocals, guitar, drums and a bass. – There’s really nothing more to it.

Free Fall opens the album with the title track “Power & Volume”, a fast-paced and energetic rock track that fully lives up to the promise of what a retro-rock quartet should be able to deliver. The crunchy riffing and the heavily ADD-stricken rhythm section gets the song going and the powerful yet quite forced vocals bring it on home, securing Free Fall a solid opening track that lets you hear exactly what’s coming your way for the rest of the album.

With their single “World Domination”, Free Fall shows off a side of themselves that is apparently quite eager to create a hit song that is easy to sing along to – even when you’re drunk off your ass. Unfortunately though, the track comes off as ridiculously corny and shows much of the ‘wrong’ part of the 70’s rock n’ roll hysteria. Whilst I am certain that a track like this work extremely well in a live setting, the toe-cringingly catchy chorus is enough to make me think twice about what I am actually listening to.

As the album progresses, Free Fall are steadily moving towards a predictability that can only be rivaled by AC/DC. You know what’s coming your way, you have a slight idea of how the songs are structured and you can bet your ass on the fact that once you’ve heard the chorus you’ll be singing along when it comes around again. A ridiculously fitting example of this can be heard on the track “Love Bombing” that couples a relatively short runtime with a catchy riff and a groovy bassline. The chorus is remarkably simple to sing (shout) along to as well, with a line going something like this: “When You Give Me That Love Bombing/I can’t wake you up/Love Bombing/I Just Can’t Get Enough”.

Whilst there is nothing new under the sun on this particular release, it does contain some excellent tracks for partying – or to serve as an alternative when you feel like you’ve heard your AC/DC albums far too many times already. However, there is just not development going on to justify a higher grade than what I have given since the album is solid – but it is far from the best I have heard this year.


Download: Power & Volume, Love Bombing, Damnation
For The Fans Of: AC/DC, Greenleaf, Humble Pie

Release Date 22.02.2013
Nuclear Blast Records

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