State Of Mind EP

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Elephantis is the chosen name of a melodic hardcore quintet from the university town of Guildford, UK, whose debut EP "State Of Mind" is pretty good even though its exact sound is predictable from the moment that you notice It Prevails, Counterparts, and Misery Signals amongst their influences on their Facebook page. Like so many a melodic hardcore band in its current resurgence as a genre, they sound almost identical to all other The Ghost Inside imitators out there, but because the style hasn't reached its saturation point yet, this isn't as big of a problem as I initially make it sound.

And that's because the cocktail of ambient passages, lingering melodies, and big, anthemic screams that are perfectly decipherable for lyrical content is as delicious as it is easily consumed by any fan of heavier music. The optimistic and hopeful lyricism, fired above solid melody lines, and catchy, uplifting ambient moments that are met with equally catchy breakdowns just works, and it's difficult to avoid being wooed by the many memorable passages that absolutely demand you to jump on someone's shoulders at a show screaming your pipes out.

Their vocalist might not have the same amount of charisma and instant appeal as Jonathan Vigil (TGI), Chadwick Johnson (Hundredth), or Brendan Murphy (Counterparts), but his screaming style is still impressive and carries the band's melodic, albeit still heavy expression well. The epic moments in "Leo" and "Pale Shades" suggest that once you give these guys a proper recording budget and some time to develop as songwriters, they'll be ready to join the big leagues too. Solid debut.


Download: Eastern Skies, Leo,
For the fans of: The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, It Prevails, Counterparts
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Release date 19.11.2012

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