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The resurgence of the revivalist screamo movement 'the wave' shows no signs of slowing down despite a wealth of new bands cloning the sound of scene leaders Touché Amoré and La Dispute left and right. This is the new trend within screamo, but yet it hasn't matured or saturated yet, so almost all the bands coming out of this scene deliver exceptional albums and EPs despite all of them sounding very much alike to one another. Oddczar from Charlotte, North Carolina, do not disappoint either on their debut album "One Word".

Basically, if you've been following the developments within this scene in the last couple of years, when I mention the words emotional hardcore and screamo together, you should know exactly how Oddczar will sound like from that description. "One Word" is basically a showcase of Touché Amoré style heartscraping, yet decipherable screams with great emotionally charged lyricism, and turbulent chaotic screamo moments in the vein of 90s bands like Saetia that crash head on with ambient sections. These are designed to give the build ups and the subsequent explosions of energy their sense of urgency and immediacy, which is also a natural effect of the tormented emotional screams of the brilliant vocal performance on display throughout this record. For example the slow, but tortured screams of "It's so cold in here... it's so quiet in here" during highlight song "Nineteen" are something special.

Clocking in at just 18 minutes, "One Word" channels ferociously raw energy through an emotional hardcore / screamo soundscape that's difficult to deny for anyone who's ever been a fan of 'the wave' movement. It's chaotic when it needs to be, tranquil in other places, and convincing all along. This would be worth purchasing just for the fantastic vocal performance alone, but the instrumentals guarantee this is one of the best 'wave' releases you'll hear that isn't by the big names. Here's your chance to check out an obscure band before the rest of the scene catches onto them - take it.

Download: Nineteen, Bud Brothers, Junaluska, My Lips Are Seals
For the fans of: Touché Amoré, Saetia, La Dispute, Defeater
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Release date 15.12.2012
Bitter Melody / Self Aware Records

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