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Written by: PP on 12/05/2013 20:42:40

On their debut album "Destinations", the Malmö, Sweden-based quartet Tag Your Targets complete their evolution from a bouncy pop-hardcore band into a clean-cut pop punk one. While they've always been fairly catchy and enjoyable in their expression, "Destinations" is the first time both their sound and songwriting is at a professional enough level to be readily exposed and spread to the international audience. It is their best work to date, and a record easily on par with some of the bigger names in pop punk.

The production is now crisp and clean, but not over-polished so the guitars still have enough edge to them to showcase the catchy riffs in good light. Songs like "This Is What We Do (And This Is Why)" are built on irresistible sing alongs, hook-laden guitars, and bright melodies, bringing about a sound that's about as summer ready as it gets. All pop-hardcore references have now been abandoned, and while this isn't always a good thing, here it benefits their expression because it allows their cleaner sound to come through much better. "Apples & Oranges", for instance, and especially album highlight "At Any Rate" are both great examples of catchy, fun pop punk delivered with slight emo undertones much in the same way as Broadway Calls, Junior Battles and Punchline embed that element in their sound.

The result is an album that sounds big and is packed with great melodies, catchy sing alongs, and good pop punk songwriting. Perhaps to avoid rolling too far over towards very poppy bands like Hit The Lights and Cartel, the guitars also include a metallic element to some of the solos and riffs, which helps keep the band within a characteristically raw pop punk soundscape. Excellent debut.


Download: This Is What We Do (And This Is Why), At Any Rate, Apples & Oranges
For the fans of: Set Your Goals, Broadway Calls, Handguns, This Time Next Year, Save Your Breath,
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Release date 15.03.2013

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