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The evolution of Daylight from day one to their form today is an intriguing one. What started as a melodically roared punk rock from Hot Water Music worship school has slowly evolved through a number of EPs and now a debut album into a record that's dreamy, contemplative, and oddly soothing in its nature. "Jar" is a patchwork of multiple genres blended together seamlessly, featuring elements from 90s style post-hardcore, alternative rock, punk rock, and emotional hardcore. Their previous EP "The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams" was their first real attempt at a more progressive sound, but it was mostly a lackluster and bland effort, which is now completely overshadowed by the brooding brilliance that is "Jar".

Much like its closest parallels sound wise, Title Fight's "Floral Green" and Basement's "Colourmeindkindness", "Jar" is built on depth-laden passages that reach into the darker realms of post-hardcore, emo, and punk rock, creating an expression that feels introverted and floaty, but is simultaneously delivered with power and force. Sound familiar? That's what Deftones have been doing for ages, who are very likely another source of inspiration for Daylight on this album. In fact, put Deftones together with Title Fight and Basement, and you're standing in the middle of a reference triangle describing exactly how Daylight sounds. They've gone for a progressive sound without forgetting immediacy, so when melodies from "Outside Of Me", "Life In A Jar" and "Knew" arrive in their dreamy awesomeness, they are also instantly embedded into your mind through a distantly catchy melody that hints at an iceberg's worth of depth once you scratch underneath the surface.

And that is exactly what "Jar" offers. If you spend enough time with their record, you'll start recognizing patterns of inspiration which have been interpreted through Daylight's expression. "Youngest Daughter", despite being a fairly slow and introspective song, is basically this record's "Head In The Ceiling Fan" (Title Fight). "Knew" is more of a punk rock oriented track, and "In On It" is a more conventional alternative rock track that wouldn't feel entirely out-of-place on a mid 90s Foo Fighters record.

In the end, "Jar" might not be quite as special as "Floral Green" was, but it's on par with "Colourmeinkindness". You can't really categorize it properly because it stands in the middle of at least three different styles of music, but that's also its beauty: it's a synergy of dreamy godhood, that promises to reward the patient listener with the sort of depth most bands can only dream of.

Download: Life In A Jar, Outside Of Me, Knew, In On It
For the fans of: Title Fight, Basement, Deftones
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Release date 30.04.2013
Run For Cover Records

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