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Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda

Written by: PP on 28/03/2007 17:37:49

It's a mystery to me why Good Clean Fun hasn't taken over the punk rock / punk hardcore scene as one of the flagship bands yet. For many years now these guys have been shouting DIY and straight edge, releasing albums full of energy, awesome melodies and positive lyrics with an inimitable sense of humour attached to them. They're the wet dream of any punk rocker with their raw, edgy production and catchy hooks, not to mention their lyrics which are some of the smartest and funniest in the whole genre. Thought NOFX were funny at times? Look no further than "X-Mas Time For The Skins" or the laugh out loud gang shout-filled insult track "Victory Records Sucks". This is a band that takes their message seriously, but doesn't take themselves seriously, which differentiates them from pretty much all the other bands in the genre.

Good Clean Fun's first b-sides album "Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda" outlines exactly why these guys have hit it spot on. We already know how amazingly good their full lenghts are, and listening to these songs reiterates that fact since any one of these 17 tracks could've been on their albums. This is a band that is not afraid to voice their opinions, as the gang shouted lyrics of "I wanna be.. a homosexual!" in "Hats Off To Halford" demonstrate, followed by vocalist Mr. Issa shouting "See I told you, metal heads are gay too" in an apparent (hilarious) tribute to Rob Halford. But the humorous songs don't end there, "Next Year In Jerusalem" speaks about the Israeli-Palestine conflict and basically calls both sides clowns, while "The Punk Rock Academy" questions why there never was a punk rock high school. Best of all, all this humour and positivity is fitted in speedy hardcore made out of melodic three-chord riffage and rough vocals where edges are edges and screeches are screeches, nothing is edited out in the true DIY style, which is what Good Clean Fun is all about. Screw instrumental talent or the ability to sing, this is all about the messages: simple but awesome punk rock like it was back in the day - recorded at dodgy garages and played in only slightly less dodgy venues.

"Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda" is a great introduction to Good Clean Fun, and a must have for the fans of the band. Mr Issa's lyrical talent is out of this world, and his messages are something we all ought to listen. Good Clean Fun is punk rock's best kept secret, but it is time to explode these guys into the knowledge of the mainstream. Start here, explore their back catalogue and fall in love, like the undersigned.


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For the fans of: Gorilla Biscuits, Kid Dynamite, Minor Threat, Lifetime
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Release date 23.02.2007
Equal Vision

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