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Death metal is about fast-paced double bass, blast beats, chugging guitars and gurgling screams. In one of its projections this genre teams up with rock'n'roll to form a funky, chaotic and very intriguing abomination called Death'n'roll. To see what makes this genre tick I decided to present the readers with the upcoming debut of a band known as Corecom. The quartet originating from Sofia, Bulgaria, is about to mark its place on the metal map by putting out their first selt-titled EP. Short, concise and to the point – this three track release is a great way to make a first time introduction.

Right off the bat, the opener “Who We Are” gives way for some dirty grooves to kick in and start a pit. The song is in a mid-tempo that drummer Lenkish gives a skank beat which allows everyone to flash their horns, jump around or climb on top of others to “surf”. Headbanging is advisable if not required. This could be said equally well for the whole EP.

The follow up is my favorite track on the EP. “Heart In A Chest” continues the tone that has been set already by adding an extra smooth(funny as it may seem) layer to the sound, giving definition to what Corecom is all about. The screeching and ear-tempting chords that open the song are misleading. The groovy verse riff, courtesy of guitarist Plam Ba and bassist Mravoiada, makes you shake your head with the beat of the snare drum. Vocalist Dido does his best to sound like a spawn from hell that has never drank anything else than beer.

“Useless” is the third and final track. Strangely this is where the EP picks up speed, puts on the death metal cloak and shows that Corecom have been paying attention to the almighty Slayer. Plam Ba shines in the spotlight with a shredding solo fitting the trademark that the aforementioned thrash giants have perfected. This is where a crowd goes berserk.

The nice sound quality, fine arrangements and great overall feeling make this short but heavy trip very pleasing. If you're up for something fresh go and check Corecom out!

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For The Fans Of: Debauchery, Entombed
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Release Date 12.05.2013

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