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The Flying Machine

Written by: MN on 29/04/2013 16:05:43

Las Vegas, a city characterized by flickering lights and hedonistic escapades. It is the notorious sin city in the middle of the Nevada dessert, yet who are the actual Las Vegans? Apart from the poker dealers, and hotel valet workers, the citizens seem relatively unknown to the general public and the city is not known to produce many critically acclaimed bands, apart from perhaps Panic! At The Disco. Fellow Las Vegans, Apex of Apathy, are described by various sources as experimental post-hardcore. Their debut album "The Flying Machine" is a concept album whereby a wider variety of sounds/genres are tested. Seeing as Apex of Apathy have yet to mould their sound into their trademark soundscape, the debut album is at times unfocused, but holds immense potential seeing as their dreamy melodic sound is refreshing. Their combination of post-hardcore and pop punkish melody lines hook you on to their flying machine, letting you soar along in their conceptual journey.

The opening track "Body Games" is an instant ear-clinger characterized by eclectic guitar work, and a sing along chorus anchored by a pulsating drum line. Adam Byrd is not only a really good drummer, but also takes the role as lead singer and he combines the clean with harsh vocals often associated with post-hardcore bands. The opener is sealed off with a jazzy finish showcasing some cosmic Satriani-like guitar work layered on top of a funky bass-fueled backdrop. It is apparent that Coheed and Cambria have inspired the works of Apex of Apathy, and this influences is crystal clear on the tracks "The Flying Machine" and "Doppelganger". Despite the commendable singing, one of the major highlights of the record is "Above the Clouds" which is an instrumental masterpiece. This track sees Apex of Apathy synthesizing the very best elements of their sound, and the image of the soaring entity, the flying machine, is more apparent than ever. "Doppelganger" is their first single, and a perfect choice to give a tasty morsel of their sound. "Patience II" is a relaxing break from AOA's hardhitting sound, which provides some breathing space through simple melody and acoustic guitar combined with piano. The synthesized piano inputs are an interesting addition to Apex of Apathy's sound, "The Stranger" manages to combine the airy synths with distorted riffage, and twangy guitar work. Lyrically, the song culminates in an anthemic finish that will have fans screaming at their gigs: "Dried blood on my hands, Here's to the boy who used up every change".

Overall, concept album are difficult to pull off, but Apex Of Apathy are on to something good. I felt inclined to replay it again and again seeing as their melodies are contagious and the guitar work is brilliant. Looking forward to seeing how they plan to execute their coming adventures.


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For The Fans Of: Atreyu, Finch, Coheed and Cambria
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Release Date 21.03.13
Home Front Records

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