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Into the Sun

Written by: BV on 29/04/2013 15:30:44

Retro oriented rock has become as much of a mainstay in the international reputation of the swedes as Ikea, and as such it is only normal that I often find myself returning to music from this particular country because of yet another retro rock/stoner release. This time around, we’re dealing with Molior Superum – a four-piece groove/stoner/retro rock outfit that has been listening intensely to the sound of the 70’s as well as to the sound of contemporaries like Clutch and Nebula. “Into the Sun” is their debut album, so let’s hear what they’ve got to offer a scene that is already brimming with acts looking for their time in the spotlight.

Opening track “Decibel Grand” rings like a not-so-heavy version of Clutch with a somewhat catchy riff that is performed in a sleazy and ‘lazy’ way, giving it the vibe of a stoner-rock rehearsal space recording in a higher quality. The vocals ring with a familiar voice of the hazy and throaty qualities that have become a mainstay in this particular genre. In “Moralsoffan”, one of the more groovy tracks on the album with its simple and repetitive riff, the listener is quite likely to be swaying back and forth, at least just a tad, while otherwise remaining completely still as this track slowly but surely wraps its hooks of sound around you and invites you in to the sleazy 70’s inspired musical universe of Molior Superum.

The far too bluesy feel to the track “Sad Mans Boogieland” is a total musical turnoff for me, and actually gives off the vibe of a filler track on an otherwise kind of cool album. With the 12-bar blues inspired verse, there is little room for the ‘genuine’ stoner vibe to shine through despite many attempts throughout the track. Overall, the general feel to the track is actually that of an attempt at making a ‘hit’ within the confines of the stoner/retro spectrum of sound. To more or less success, that is.

While Molior Superum are certainly authentic sounding throughout most of their debut release, I have come to the conclusion that they have still got quite a long way to go before joining the big leagues with the likes of Witchcraft, Graveyard etc. Someday soon though, it is highly likely that they could be found touring alongside other Swedish ‘newcomers’ like Troubled Horse to what could be a relative success. Molior Superum have steered on to the right track, but they still have a distance to cover before reaching a more authentic, and more proficient end destination of their sound. Hopefully they are still developing and will eventually progress into an act that is to be reckoned with. But that remains to be seen.

Download: Decibel Grand, Moralsoffan, Plainrider
For The Fans Of: Witchcraft, Troubled Horse, Clutch

Release Date 03.11.2012

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