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All These Evolutions

Written by: SC on 28/04/2013 19:14:13

One of the better ways to celebrate your fifteenth anniversary as a band is to release a new album and as a fact this is just what the Rochester, NY ska band Mrs. Skannotto has chosen to do. "All These Evolutions" is the bands sixth record since their inception in 1998 and despite this the band shows no sign of being out of date any time soon.

Album opener "Just As Well" kicks of with a distorted guitar-riff for approximately five seconds and then it breaks down into the characterizing ska punk genre from what is often referred to as the third wave of ska. This genre combines a punk rock oriented way of playing with Jamaican inspired reggae and brass loops and “Just As Well” is a good representative of how almost the entire album sounds like and it might be the best track on the record as well. The vocals are a perfect match to the genre that is weaves between clean singing and crusty yet soft shouting.

"All These Evolutions" is a nice varied album with loads of great riffs supported by the brass instruments and the pace is quite high which makes this a pleasant acquaintance. There are plenty of danceable tracks like the funky "Every Day" and slow reggae focused songs like "The Blame". Furthermore, while listening to the record you are constantly longing for the beaches decorated with torches, cottages made from bamboo and coconut drinks where everybody is having the time of their lives while drinking and dancing to this record as a soundtrack.

When this is said, the soundtrack part indicates that the records is best while played in the background with a lot of fun stuff going on at the same time and that is exactly my experience. “All These Evolutions” is filled with all the perfect ingredients of what a ska record should contain but it never gets so interesting that you want to sit down listen to it alone. Many of the tracks seem like the one you have just heard before despite some fine variation in the general song structures. Nevertheless, this is a great party record and I think that with this in the background everybody is going to have a great party time.

Download: Just as well, Free Speech Zone, The Blame
For The Fans Of: Mr. Review, Buck-O-Nine, Superhiks

Release Date 26.02.2013

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